Paweł Wyrzykowski


An architect, interior designer and interior decorator, Paweł is a graduate the Warsaw University of Technology and Warsaw School of Advertising. He is currently running his own design business. He is a harmonious aesthete by nature, which largely influences the quality of space and feel he gives the designed interiors.

In 2007-2013, he was the founder and co-owner of Luuq Design Studio, which produced architectural and interior designs of both residences and offices. Previously, in 2003-2006, he co-designed residences in Konstancin-Jeziorna near Warsaw together with Ireneusz Krasuski, the interior designer educated at the French Sorbonne.

According to Paweł Wyrzykowski, architecture is an inseparable part of our life, and a usable art discipline. He believes it should always be a response to a particular functional need. It should also correspond to the client’s aesthetic sense and help create spaces in which he or she will want to stay.

Paweł draws his inspiration from everything that surrounds him. He believes that design is an art of continuous transformation and improvement, discovering and interpreting new and recurring trends. His projects are influenced, on the one hand, by works of great architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright and, on the other, by excellent, fresh ideas of emerging artists.

In his work, Paweł Wyrzykowski aims to maintain a balance between the client and the architect. He puts a lot of emphasis on collaboration and underlines that while clients often have inspirational ideas, they sometimes need persuasion to avoid the wrong solutions. Paweł Wyrzykowski’s priority is to create truly timeless spaces since he believes that time is the best quality test. A good design will always stand the test of time. While great interiors can become outdated when compared to the latest trends, you will always be able to appreciate them. Pawel Wyrzykowski believes that this can be achieved by harmony, care for every slightest detail and the right choice of materials.

In his projects, Paweł Wyrzykowski aims at balance. For him, it is not just about the aesthetics of the space, but also about its’ functionality. As an architect, he is looking for a beautiful, comfortable space where one wants to linger.

In his private life, Paweł Wyrzykowski is an avid traveler. He likes to spend his free time exploring diversity of the world and looking for freedom and balance. He enjoys good cinema and literature and is not indifferent to social issues.